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Lease Abstraction and Document Management Project Platform

REmaapTM is a flexible cloud-based project management platform designed specifically to support a range of CRE projects. Its configurable workflow coupled with granular user profile allows you to create project buckets for each area of activity that can be totally invisible to other users for security…but totally accessible to management. The dashboard shows clearly the items in each workflow step and the aging of items in each workflow step, so you can easily identify bottlenecks or "stuck" items.

REmaapTM includes the following features:

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Lease Administration Platform (in the Cloud or behind your firewall)

REAPTM is a robust lease administration platform currently in its 9th major release. REAPTM was designed to be comprehensive...and easy to use. Reducing the complexity of managing real estate portfolios means providing CRE professionals with excellent tools and significant flexibility. REAPTM accomplishes this by being highly configurable for each customer's unique needs, so you don't have to live with a "one size fits all" solution.

REAPTM includes all the following functionalities:

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