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We use an "Engineering Approach" in everything that we do which means consistency and accuracy in everything we deliver.

NTrust's Engineering Approach

Our genesis as a software development company gave us our mindset as Engineers. What we always strove for in our early days were processes that lead to high quality, repeatability, and continuous improvement. So when some of our clients asked us to provide Back Office services, we employed the same methodology... an Engineering Approach.

The Engineering Approach – Simplified

Our Engineering Approach is a complex set of processes that we are constantly honing to provide higher levels of quality and consistency while simultaneously improving productivity. The approach can be broken down into steps which we employ with each service, and each client:

NTrust Project Management Approach

NTrust's Project Management Approach works hand in hand with the Engineering Approach. It assures that the processes defined by the Engineering Approach are adhered to or improved during the project. NTrust's project managers are all fully trained in both approaches to assure that we can successfully execute projects and services delivering the highest quality and consistency.

NTrust uses the following five principals as guides for each project we undertake: