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Understanding CRE business models and applying that knowledge to create streamlined processes is what we do.

Case Studies

International Clothing Retailer Decides to Move International Leases to one Management System

With over 500 International locations in 30+ countries in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia this retailer had 5 regions which all managed leases via Excel spreadsheets or home grown systems. Given the diversity, the company needed a Gap Analysis of lease terms vs. the configuration of the new system (Click here for more)

Lease Data Migration and Clean-up for a Large Retailer with over 10,000 Stand-alone locations

While changing lease management systems, a large retailer made the decision to perform a full abstraction project for over 10,000 leases…which saved it an estimated $2 million in the first 3 years! (Click here for more)

Improving Lease data accuracy and developing local Real Estate reporting capabilities- using REAPTM with feeds from SAP FICOTM

A local Real Estate function of a large multi-national energy services company needed a more accurate localized information on its Real Estate leases and financial performance. The company decided to engage RealFoundations and NTrust to help them cleanse their data and provide a prototype reporting tool for their local operation. (Click here for more)

Transitioning Data between Virtual PremiseTM and BigETM and Enhancing the Data in the process

A large multi-national insurance company was changing service providers and systems and required real expertise to verify and aggregate all the lease and expense data from multiple sources.

NTrust put together a team that included both Lease Data and Technical Experts and leveraged the REmaapTM platformto successfully complete a complex project.
(Click here for more)

Lease Data Clean-up for a large, multi-national food company

Getting ready for the FASB Lease Accounting change and just wanting to confirm the accuracy of the data in the lease management system, a large multi-national food company asked NTrust to perform an audit and clean-up project using REmaapTM. (Click here for more)

Re-engineering processes for a Public REIT to improve Expense Reconciliation, Unapplied Cash, and Property Tax Collection

How a large Publicly Traded REIT leveraged NTrust’s unique Real Estate Knowledge to significantly improve cash flow (Click here for more)

Improving Cash Flow,Funds from Operations (FFO), and Providing Better Investor Reporting

How NTrust assisted a large REIT to streamline and improve processes to achieve operational efficiencies that set it apart from competitors. (Click here for more)

Single Family REIT uses REmaapTM Platform to support valuation process and Asset Securitization

After purchasing thousands of single family homes in select markets across the United States, a Single Family REIT leverages NTrust’s REmaapTM software to validate income streams that allow it to securitize its holdings. (Click here for more)

Company Acquiring a new Portfolio needs to have Vendor Contracts Abstracted in short timeframe

After acquiring a large portfolio which included a range of real estate asset types, a large service provider asked NTrust to quickly abstract over 20,000 vendor contracts…in just 4 weeks! (Click here for more)

Large Institutional Investor Consolidates Yardi Systems and Upgrades to Yardi 7s

A large institutional investor in commercial, retail and multifamily assets was operating on two different, and older, Yardi instances turned to NTrust to help them migrate and consolidate their data and upgrade to Yardi 7s. (Click here for more)


FASB-IASB Impacts and Preparation

Getting prepared for the new FASB IASB Lease Accounting rules means Corporate Real Estate departments need to assure accurate data. This whitepaper provides a step by step methodology to help guide you through a Lease Data Audit and Lease data clean-up project. (Click here for more)

New FASB Rules

This is Draft of a proposed Accounting Standards Update of Topic 840 is issued by the Board for public comment. (Click here for more)


NTrust Desktop Audit Services Overview

At NTrust we apply best practices, well defined processes, and industry leading technology to make sure that Desktop Audits are accurate and identify all overpayments so that you can recover every last dollar owed to you.

NTrust is one of the leading Lease Abstraction service providers internationally. During the initial phase of any Desktop Audit, NTrust will review all your lease documents and amendments to identify specific inclusions and exclusions that can be billed to you as operating expenses by the Landlord. (Click here for more)

Lease Administration Services for Landlords

NTrust Infotech provides a range of back office services to property owners of all types. As a specialist in the field of Lease Administration, NTrust can provide services throughout a property’s lifecycle from Acquisition through leasing/operating and ongoing administration to final disposition. Some of the benefits NTrust has been able to provide its REIT clients include:

Improved accuracy of lease and financial data (Click here for more)

Yardi Expense Recovery Implementation Services

NTrust provides a package of services for implementing Yardi’s Expense Recovery module.

When it is properly implemented, the ER module will save you a significant amount of time and cost, and assures the accuracy and speed of your expense recovery process. (Click here for more)

Large Multi-Family REIT Engages NTrust to Migrate Lease and Property Data into Yardi

A National REIT with both commercial and multi-family portfolios needed help during the portfolio acquisition phase of a multi-family portfolio. Top Management contacted NTrust to aggregate data from multiple sources and to migrate and clean-up this data into its Yardi Residential module. (Click here for more)