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Position Description: Lease Abstraction Analyst

About NTrust

NTrust is an international Leader in providing Solutions and Back Office Services in Commercial Real Estate operations (CRE) domain. We have over 700 professionals working worldwide.

NTrust's Customers include the Fortune 50 REITs, the top 10 global real estate service providers and the top 100 retailers in USA. NTrust is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001:2005 Certified Company.

We are now hiring in Irvine, CA to build a 40 member commercial lease administration team. NTrust provides an environment that is meritocratic, employee-friendly and fun-filled.

Nature of work at NTrust

Leases are contracts, and as such they define a relationship between two parties… a Landlord and a Tenant. Lease Abstraction is the process of distilling down various lease clauses to streamline the monthly process of Lease Administration.

As an NTrust employee you will be responsible for:

This work requires 100% precision and quality. For more details, you can also check it on YouTube- "Careers at NTrust".

Skills Needed

Detail Orientation

Significant attention to detail is required to ensure that all the data and information given in the leases is correctly interpreted and captured with 100% Accuracy.

Analytical Skills

One should be able to calculate the dates and dollars correctly without any mistakes.

"Written" English communication skills

It's not going to be an extensive report writing work. However, the expectation is one should be able to understand a paragraph, identify the key points in it, and paraphrase in simple sentences without any grammatical mistakes.

NTrust - a Launch-Pad for your Career

NTrust has created a corporate culture that rewards high-performing employees. We believe in thoroughly training the best and brightest candidates, enabling performance with advanced software that encourages teamwork and enhances the precision of your work product.

At NTrust you will be gaining knowledge that will launch your career in Commercial Real Estate. Whether you want to become a Broker, a Lease Administrator, a VP of Real Estate, an Asset Manager…or pretty much any high-powered position in commercial real estate…learning how leases are constructed and how they define the relationship between landlord and tenant is the foundation required to excel.

So, don’t think of this as an entry level position…think of this as the launch pad for your career.


NTrust believes in thoroughly training its employees. You will go through a three-week training program that will include:

This training program will provide a good understanding of various real estate leasing concepts. You will also be part of a small team that will support the growth of your understanding of how to interpret and abstract complex lease clauses.

To apply, email your resume in Word or PDF format to: Analyst.Jobs@ntrustinfotech.com